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  2. HRVS-TX



Medium Voltage Inrush Current Limiter
Up to 100MVA, 36kV

The HRVS-TX eliminates transformer inrush current for all types of Medium Voltage Transformers, up to 100
MVA at 36kV. It is the ideal current limiting solution for Medium Voltage Transformers. Its sophisticated control
ensures the elimination of the magnetizing inrush current, eliminating nuisance tripping as well as dynamic
shock to the transformer windings. The current limiter can be supplied as IP31-54 with options such as Line and
Bypass vacuum contactors and optional circuit breakers, disconnect switches, main and control protection
fuses and transformer protection relays.

Advance Features

  • Integral Current Limiting Relay (TSR-6)
  • Heavy duty design
  • Ambient operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
  • Reduced inrush current and dynamic shock
  • Applicable models for any transformer
  • Communication – RS485 Modbus
  • Unique starting characteristics
  • Fault indication to each individual fuse
  • Partial Discharge (Korona) test for each transformer starter
  • Wide 40-70Hz range for fluctuating frequency systems
  • IP31-standard, Higher standard available
  • User friendly, easy setup and operation
  • Electronic Potential Transformer (optional)
  • Extended protection package (optional)
  • Transformer temperature protection relay (optional)

Models | Up to 36kV, 100MVA

Design Criteria:

1 IEC 62271-200 High Voltage switchgear and control gear.
2 IEC 60061-1 High Voltage test techniques, General definitions
3 IEC 60694 Common specifications for high voltage switchgear
and control gear standard.
4 IEC 71-1 Insulation co-ordination.
5 IEC 71-2 Insulation co-ordination.
6 EN 50178:1998 Electronic equipment for use in power installation.
7 IEC 664 Insulated coordination within low-voltage systems
and including clearances and creepage distances
for equipment.
8 IEC 60470, UL 347 Vacuum contactors.
9 IEC 282-1 Vacuum contactors
10 DIN 46234 Cable lugs
11 DIN 0472+IEC 754 Medium voltage cables
12 EN 61000-6-2 / 4 Electromagnetic compatibility
11 EEC/72/23 Electrical safety-Council Directive


Transformer starter
protection relay

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